Taking my life[1] in my hands…

Losing it[1][2] is now running on WordPress 3.1 RC1. I haven’t noticed any oddness so far, but take this post as an apology for any weirdness[3] that may appear over the next week or howevermany it takes for a final release of 3.1 to appear.

Let me know via the Contact Form if you spot any breakage, strangeness[4] or inexplicable phenomena[5].

[1] Well, my webshite, anyway
[2] That’s not a footnote reference, it’s the name of the site
[3] Well, other than the normal content-related weirdness, that is. I make no apology for that.
[4] Other than the aforementioned kind
[5] I don’t need to say that again, do I?