WordPress 3.1 is coming soon

While most of us were digesting our turkey and finishing off the wine[1], the busy WordPress Elves were adding the final touches to the next version of everyone’s favourite[2] blogging software. Yes, WordPress 3.1 has moved from Beta[3] to Release Candidate[4] status.

Release candidate details here:

WordPress 3.1 Release Candidate

Hints about new features were in the beta announcement here:

WordPress 3.1 Beta 1

Download, test, see if you can break it. I’ll be playing on my test site.

[1] Other food and drink options are available. Local variations may apply. Vegetarian selection available on request.
[2] Other options are available, but not that many people care any more
[3] Otherwise known as “use at your own risk, not on your live site unless you’re really, really, really confident about your backups, may drink all your booze and kick the cat”
[4] Otherwise known as “we think this is OK, but it does need some more people to test it in realistic conditions before we inflict it on everyone”