2010 Round-up

Well, it’s the end of the year, so I’ll have to do another one of these thingies, what with them being a tradition or something


Yes, well. Another year of negative weight loss. I started at 228.0 pounds (16 stone 4 pounds, 103.4 kg), and I’ve just weighed myself specially for this post[1] and found that I now weigh 233.2 pounds (16 stone 9.2 pounds, 105.8 kg), which is a rise of 5.2 pounds (2.4kg). Err, ooops. That’s just a wee bit less than I was when I started trying to lose weight seven years ago, so that’s not an ideal situation. I really need to find some motivation from somewhere.


Just a wee bit down on last year. I was doing quite well until I lapsed into blog fatigue in November

2003: 2 posts
2004: 515 posts
2005: 576 posts
2006: 620 posts
2007: 747 posts
2008: 833 posts
2009: 718 posts
2010: 717 posts

You can see the monthly totals on the Archives page, if you’re interested in such details.

And finally…

Happy New Year to anyone and everyone who reads this stuff.

[1] First time since mid-November. I decided to take a break.

2 thoughts on “2010 Round-up

  1. alf stone

    Some of us do read it though I am not sure why. If I had the tuits I might work it out but in the meantime a Happy New Year to you.

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