December 2010 Round-up

Yes, it’s that time of the month, so it’s time for the usual round-up post. Well, sort of usual, as it may have some bits missing, or at least briefer than usual.


Well, as there wasn’t a start of month measurement, and I haven’t weighed myself at all, I’ll skip this bit.


Yes, done quite a lot of that. I might even have had the occasional glass of wine.


This has been somewhat lacking of late. But I did walk to Tesco’s today.


Yes, I’ve been in a major low-posting phase lately. Total for this month will be 28, which is not a lot, but actually twice as many as I managed last December, when I was also in low-posting mode, only more so.


I think a month’s worth of too much snow and bloody cold weather put me right off doing anything much, so there’s not a lot of that.