Daily Archives: Saturday, 1st Jan 2011

Primeval is Back!

I’ll hold back on the full report for now, as episode two is on tomorrow, but here’s my first reaction to the new series of Primeval:

Woo!!!! Hoo!!! :bouncy: :bouncy: :clap: :rofl: :dizzy:

Yes, it’s the same mix of fun, frolics, and really cool dinosaurs as before. And it looks really good in HD, too. Nicely thrilling, funny and generally good as it’s ever been.

Details to follow.

John O’Farrell – An Utterly Exasperated History of Modern Britain

A couple of years ago, I mentioned John O’Farrell’s quite lovely An Utterly Impartial History of Britain, which was good fun all round. Well, there’s a sequel to that, which brings things nearly up to date, covering the years from the end of the Second World War up to the point where Tony Blair did a runner just in time for the economy to collapse and Gordon Brown to take all the blame instead of just some of it.

It’s much the same as before – working from the presumption that all those people really knew how we’d feel about things decades later, which is Very Silly, but in a good way. Mixed in with the jokes and spin, there’s some reasonably accurate (and properly researched) history of who did what, where, and even why.

Worth a read, nicely entertaining.

Weight and Stuff Report – 1 January 2011

Well, I suppose the start of the year is as good a time as any to revive the daily report thingies, which have been taking a break since November. I think they fled the country to avoid the snow, but they’re back now, and I’ll try to make them as near to daily as I can.

I’m just a wee bit lighter than I was yesterday, and a wee bit heavier than I was a year ago, which given the general lack of exercise, wine drinking and food eating, is not quite as bad as it might have been. I aim to make some effort to improve on that.

As a reminder, here’s a picture:



Quite apart from being a mildly diverting indication that somebody might have been going a bit faster than the sign suggests, or more likely had a bit of a friction deficit on the snow that had covered the area, it’s also a useful number.

That’s how many pounds I need to lose to begin to get back to a moderately sensible weight. Losing more would be a Good Thing, but around 30 is a good target – I’d still be quite heavy, but I am big boned, dammit![1]

[1] Standard excuse number 35a

Reasons to be Cheerful from Charlie Stross

Just read this thoughtful piece from Charlie Stross (who, as I’ve mentioned once or twice, is a Good Thing). Comparing the state of the world in 2010 with 2000, and finding much to be positive about.

Reasons to be Cheerful – Charlie’s Diary.

He gets double extra bonus points for the last paragraph.

I’m sorry to note that most of the good stuff didn’t happen to those of us in the developed world — but the human world is indisputably in better shape overall in 2010 than it was in 2000. And what makes my neighbour happier without damaging me makes my world a better place.

That last sentence alone is a deeply good thought to take into the new year.