Daily Archives: Sunday, 2nd Jan 2011

The 80s Furniture Conspiracy

OK, this is distinctly odd. It appears that furniture retailers have collectively decided to use 80s music in their frequently shown adverts[1].

There’s one with a version of Depeche Mode’s Just Can’t Get Enough, a really weird one with actual people miming singing Duran Duran’s Girls on Film, and really making a point of it, even though it’s not a particularly furniture-related song, and yet another with Yazoo’s Only You.

Are they copying each other? Is it just that advertising people of a certain age are getting all the furniture accounts? Or is it a sinister conspiracy? Well, probably not, but it makes for a good post title…

[1] Disclaimer: they may have been doing this for ages without me noticing, as I don’t normally see a lot of ads[2], but as I’ve been watching Primeval on ITV 1 HD, I’ve seen quite a lot yesterday and today.
[2] I tend to fast-forward a lot on my V+

Weight and Stuff Report – 2 January 2011

Today’s weight is just a wee bit up on yesterday’s, but within daily fluctuation range.

As I mentioned earlier, I had a short walk in the park this afternoon. Here’s a fish-eye view of the lake, which is still mostly frozen, which surprised me slightly – it doesn’t feel all that cold out, but I suppose it’s still not quite warm enough for large amounts of ice to actually melt.

Frozen Lake

Frozen Lake

Of course, as I had just the one lens with me, the ideal opportunity for pictures that needed a longer lens came up. The squirrels were being less shy than normal in the rose garden, and if I’d even had my standard 24-105mm lens, I’d have got some great shots. Still, never mind, there will be other opportunities.

There may be a problem with that…

I decided that a walk in the park would be a good idea this afternoon, and further decided that taking the 5D and my fisheye lens would be good. So naturally, I saw several things that would have benefited from just about any of my other lenses. Fortunately, I was able to capture this rather nice sign with my iPhone:

That should stop them

That should stop them

OK, I can see that an excess number of Canada Geese might be a slight problem. Those things produce huge amounts of poop, and in Saltwell Park they tend to deposit it on the path around the lake, which is presumably what they mean about “the enjoyment of many park users”. So I can see the logic in not selling bird feed, and asking people not to feed the geese, though if you want to feed the ducks or swans, that’s presumably OK, and the geese will understand that the food isn’t for them, and will politely stay out of the way, what with them being Canadian and all that.[1]

But the master stroke has to be the quite brilliant idea of placing a fence between the lawns and the lake. Yup, that’ll stop them. They won’t be able to get past that in a hurry. I mean, they’d have to be able to fly to get past a fence…

Oh, wait…


[1] Canadians are notoriously polite

The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011

OK, this is seriously cool, and does exactly what it says on the cover. It’s a book about Doctor Who, and it actually is brilliant.

It’s got loads of Good Things, including:

  • Interviews with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Steven Moffat
  • Guides to each episode of the 2010 series including behind the scenes information, deleted lines, pictures and more
  • Loads of additional stuff – such as Churchill’s lost diaries, Dalek data, and as they say much more
  • Features on writing for the series, how it’s made and all that kind of thing
  • Short stories, including one written by the actual Brian Aldiss. Yes, that Brian Aldiss
  • And most importantly, instructions on how to dance like a drunk giraffe. What more can you ask for?

It’s somewhere between the best annual you never had when you were a kid and the best bits from a year’s worth of Doctor Who Magazine. It was edited by Clayton Hickman, who used to edit DWM and has written for The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The cover price of £12.99 is perhaps a bit high, but it’s widely available for half that, or even less, which makes it a bargain.