Squirrel in the Rose Garden

Following yesterday’s failure, I was hoping to get at least one good squirrel picture today. They can be tricky to photograph, as they tend to run off at high speed in random directions, often in a way that looks like badly done stop-motion animation. I was sorry not to get the one yesterday who was hanging down the trunk of a tree in a very stretchy pose, but never mind.

When I got back to the Rose Garden[1], it seemed at first that the only occupants were pigeons, but then I spotted a squirrel bouncing over one of the benches before disappearing into the undergrowth. I approached the area slowly, and was rewarded by the appearance of this one, who stayed around long enough for me to get a couple of pictures I’m quite happy with. And here they are:

Sitting on the bench

Sitting on the bench


Looking down

Looking down

After that, he scampered off, and that was as close as I got to a squirrel today.

[1] Note: this is currently a rose-free area

One thought on “Squirrel in the Rose Garden

  1. alf stone

    I’m jealous, those are better pictures than I have ever managed to get of the squirrels in the park. Full marks for perseverance.

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