Weight and Stuff Report – 11 January 2011

And there’s no change in the old weight today. Still, after all that high-speed droppage[1] last week, that’s probably quite normal.

I walked to work today, having missed yesterday because I had to leave several hours before I went to bed[2] in order to be there on time for someone who turned up about three hours after I was told he would. Not only that, but I managed a bit of a walk around at lunchtime, too.

Today’s picture is of a sadly abandoned lens cap seen at the Japanese  Garden in Saltwell Park, so if you’re a Sony Alpha user and you’ve lost a lens cap, that may be where you left it.



[1] Yes, that is a word, so there! :tongue:
[2] And if I’ve told me once, I’ve told me a million times, don’t exaggerate