Primeval – Series 4, Episode 3

Yes, I’m a bit behind again. I blame the lurgy. While I’m generally a lot better, and only coughing a bit, I’ve been low on energy for most of the last week, so I’ve been lacking the motivation to get typing. Anyway, here we go with a look at last week’s episode.

Given the multiple threads going on, I’m not going to attempt to describe everything as it appeared, I’ll just piece it all together in my own way. Sort of.

An anomaly opens in a theatre. Three actual humans come out of it, closely followed by a dinosaur of a previously unknown variety which has a nice prehensile tail, ideal for grabbing prey from above. We later learn that the humans are called Charlotte, Ethan and Emily, but we don’t need to worry about Charlotte, because she dies quite soon. Ethan’s more of a problem, and Emily will be a different kind of problem, but we’ll get back to that later.

Matt, who apparently isn’t required to keep normal business hours[1], or indeed to keep in touch when he’s out and about plotting with Gideon, is indeed plotting with Gideon, who we learn is dying, and that he’s quite keen that Matt works out which member of the ARC team is the one. The one what, we still don’t know, but apparently whoever it is could be dangerous without knowing it.

Philip (not calling him Bashir this week, unless I forget) Burton tells Connor he wants him to commission the new security system rather than going off with everyone else to the theatre when the anomaly alarm goes off[2]. We’ll come back to that later, too.

Lots of fun follows in the theatre, with Matt breaking all the rules by following Emily back through the Anomaly, meeting some more of those nice tree-dwelling, dangly-tailed, big-toothed dinosaurs, and generally having fun.

And there’s more fun in and around the theatre, with the creatures heading out, and generally causing property damage here there and everywhere.

All that gets sorted out in the usual way, except that Emily, or Lady Emily Marchant, to give her full name, was apparently born in 1840, and has been playing with anomalies for a while, is a bit worried about her associate Ethan, who is a bit too keen on killing people. Rather than keeping her safe in the ARC, Matt takes her back to his flat, which can’t possibly lead to any trouble.

While all that was going on, Connor fires up Philip’s new security system, which scans the whole place, detects Rex just as Philip happens to have found him too, and puts the base into Lockdown which very helpfully shuts down all the computer systems, or at the very least leaves them scrolling lots of text on their screens, locks the doors, oh, and pumps all the air out of the room where the creature has been detected. It’s Philip’s great idea for making sure that none of the creatures in the menagerie can escape, and can only be cancelled by “senior staff”, with retina print authorisation, which is a problem because the only one who can do that is Philip, and he’s a bit busy being locked in a sealed room and running out of air to do that.

Connor suggests that anyone who’d devise a security system like that must be an idiot, and I’m inclined to agree. Philip, though running out of air, suggests that it’s a good system really, and as he’s dying Connor needs to know about a secret project called New Dawn. Jess reminds Connor that while there’s a load of new bits and bobs, the underlying systems running the ARC are the ones he devised a few years ago, so maybe he could get in. He then recalls that he left a backdoor into the system, and then realises that he can’t recall his password, until he remembers that it was ABBY TEMPLE (awww, bless, etc). Lockdown off, Philip rescued. Rex was a little the worse for oxygen deprivation, but was also soon revived.

Having fully recovered, Philip apologies to Connor for underestimating him, but declines to tell him about New Dawn[3].

Still good fun, and with some more threads left untied….

[1] More muttering about that to come
[2] Of course, it’s in close range of the ARC.
[3] Sounds dodgy to me. My guess it’s either what Gideon’s up to, or what Gideon’s worried about.