Primeval – Series 4, Episode 4

Moving right along…

It’s a Saturday morning, and in true Breakfast Club style, three kids are in detention at McKinnon school. There’s Beth, who can’t be bothered with exams, on the grounds that she’s going on X Factor, and will be a star so there, and Darren and Steve, who are told that they’ll be in detention until the smell they created in the Chemistry lab disperses…

The teacher who’s supposed to be supervising them is unable to carry out his duties due to a slight case of being eaten by a venomous creature which bursts out of a vending machine.

At the ARC, Philip has decided that all the creatures that have been captured and are currently in the menagerie should be killed to avoid any danger of them escaping, and of course to avoid them suffering from being out of their normal environment. Abby’s a bit upset about this, and even more upset when Connor, rather than helping her, selfishly goes off with Becker to the anomaly alert that’s just come up.

Presumably because it’s Saturday, Matt’s at home[1]. And so is Emily, who’s still worried about Ethan being on the loose. Matt leaves her there, after helpfully explaining about his tracking device and leaving four spare ones on the kitchen counter.

At the school, the usual fun and games follow. While Beth plays on a trampoline, the boys play with the school computer systems. First, they put set a mildly embarrassing video of Beth as “the screensaver on every computer in the school”, then when they see Connor, Matt and Becker prowling around with their zap guns, they lock all the doors, to avoid being caught by what they assume are the police.

At the ARC, Abby concocts a plan to get all the creatures out, and asks Jess to help with the doors and security, even though she’s a bit busy with hacking into the school’s CCTV. When Jess sees that Beth has been eaten, she decides she’d rather not help Abby let more thingies out. Abby’s even more annoyed, and decides to do it anyway…

More chasing follows, with loads of the creatures – Therocephalians, mammal-like reptiles with lots of teeth and a poisonous bite – coming through the anomaly. Presumably because it’s the weekend, the usual bunch of disposable soldiers aren’t around, so it’s Becker who has to be bitten and rescued by Matt, and they both have to be rescued by Connor and the boys who concoct some dubious smoke/gas/whatever bombs in the science lab.

Talking of rescues, Lester catches Abby before she can do anything, and tells her not to make him call security. She does impassioned speech number 3a, and he looks thoughtful. He then goes to see Philip, who notes that Lester hasn’t co-signed the executive order to destroy all the creatures. Lester agrees that he hasn’t, and isn’t going to. Philip responds that it doesn’t matter, he can do it anyway. Lester agrees, then wonders aloud what posterity would have to say about it. Philip looks as confused as if he’d just been talking to Garak, oh sorry, I said I wasn’t doing any more DS9 jokes, didn’t I? Anyway, Lester points out that there’s no way all the anomaly, ARC and dinosaur stuff will remain secret forever, and eventually it’ll get out, and how would Philip like to be remembered as “the dinosaur killer”. Philip asks if Lester is threatening to leak things, which he obviously denies.

Philip tells Abby that he’s changed his mind about killing the creatures, she realises that Lester sorted it out, and accuses him of being secretly nice, which he obviously denies, with added threats of lawyers if she says anything like that again.

Jess flirts with Becker, Matt goes home to find Emily gone. He doesn’t immediately notice that some of his spare tracking devices are also missing.

Emily has had a nice reunion with Ethan, who has her tied up in the traditional disused warehouse.

So, the Emily thing looks like carrying on for a while, and we’re no closer to knowing what Gideon and Matt are up to. Good stuff.

[1] So why Connor, Abby, Philip, Jess, Becker, Lester, and numerous other people are at the ARC is a mystery. Is there some kind of weekend rota?