January 2011 Round-up

Well, that’s January out of the way[1], so it’s time for the traditional[2] end of month report thingy.


Well, what can I say? Progress has been made!

January 1: 232.6 pounds (16 stone 8.6 pounds, 105.5 kg)
January 31: 225.8 pounds (16 stone 1.8 pounds, 102.4 kg)

Difference: An actually quite nifty fall of 6.8 pounds (3.1 kg), which is a good start to the year


I’ve been quite well-behaved, really. I have made precisely zero visits to Greggs, and so have had precisely zero of their calorie-packed sausage rolls[3]. I’ve been having some reasonably healthy bagels, the occasional other sandwich and I’ve had a few tasty items from Subway. Cutting down on the junk at lunchtime does make a major difference, it seems.


I walked to work on eight out of eighteen working days[4], and had a few lunchtime walks of moderate length too. This is a lot more than I’ve done in quite a few months.


Well, maybe it’s a little early to be sure, but I do seem to be back in the posting frame of mind. Including this report, I’ll have made 59 posts this month, the most since August last year.


I managed a bit of photography, but I need to organise myself to get out and about a bit more.

[1] OK, it’s got five hours to go, but I don’t think it’s planning to cause any more trouble in that time…
[2] Well, I’ve been doing them for a while
[3] According to their own site, 320kcal each and 20g of fat, which might not have been too bad if I hadn’t been eating two most days and a sandwich
[4] I’m not counting the two days I was off with the lurgy