Oh bother, Mozy

I’ve mentioned the Mozy backup service a few times before, and I’m still using it. I haven’t needed to mention it again because it just sits there and works, happily backing up my important stuff[1]. The client has been updated reasonably regularly, and I haven’t had any issues with it for a long time.

Now because all those RAW files are quite big, I’m one of the small number of customers on their unlimited plan that actually uses a lot of space (over 400GB currently). Until now, Mozy have worked on the basis that most people won’t really use much space, a few people will use lots, and it all balances out, more or less, give or take.

But it seems that they’ve changed their minds. The unlimited plan has been withdrawn, and has been replaced by a capped plan which allows customers to store up to 125GB, with a charge of $2 per month for each 20GB above that, which would make the service far too expensive for me to use if I continue to store as much as I do now, and continue to add files.

Fortunately, I’m half way through a two-year contract, which they promise will remain in place unmolested, but it does mean I’ll have to reconsider my offsite backup plans. I suspect whatever I do is going to cost more[2]. Being an IT person, the idea of not having offsite backups makes me feel a wee bit insecure.

New MozyHome Plans.

[1] The original RAW files of my photographs, my music library and other documents – in short all the stuff that would be impossible or at the very least difficult and time consuming to replace
[2] Unless I go for the old “keep swapping external drives” method, and keep one drive offsite at all times. That would work, but would rely on me remembering to do it frequently enough…

5 thoughts on “Oh bother, Mozy

  1. Brian

    Yeah, kinda sucks. I’ve considered various cloud services but none added up for me. Since I run a network at home, I’d be forced into a business type of plan which are, of course, more expensive than the personal plans. So I think I’m going to go ahead with removable drives and a firesafe in the corner of my garage that has the least structure around it.

  2. Les Post author

    Well, I’ve got about a year to decide, either way. I was tweeted by Backblaze, who offer an unlimited package for a reasonably amount, too…

    My concern is that now one of the big services has dropped the unlimited option, others will follow.

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