Daily Archives: Monday, 7th Feb 2011

Weight and Stuff Report – 7 February 2011

Down again today, good stuff.

As it was a wee bit wet and windy this morning, I failed to motivate myself to walk to work again, but I did manage a walk down to the Quayside at lunchtime, heading across the Millennium Bridge to the Baltic. It turned out to be not a good day to visit the gallery, as only one exhibit was open – the other floors are being prepared for the next displays. When I left there, it was getting a lot windier, so rather than take a more advanced walk, I just reversed my route. This was a bit, err, interesting, as the wind was blowing straight along the river, which made walking across the bridge a bit of a challenge, but I made it in more or less one piece.

One good bit of the walk was that I spotted this nice sign outside a fish and chips place:



I’m not sure if shark is on the menu, though…