Daily Archives: Tuesday, 8th Feb 2011

Weight and Stuff Report – 8 February 2011

Mutter, mutter. Back up today. Random wossanmes, or something. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m really having trouble motivating myself to walk to work.

Whatever it is, here’s a picture from yesterday’s Quayside walk

Speckled Sage

Speckled Sage

Yes, I’m still having fun with 100 Cameras in 1.

WordPress 3.0.5 and 3.1 Release Candidate 4

While I was asleep, another WordPress update escaped[1]. For those not playing with the 3.1 development[2], WordPress 3.0.5 has some security patches that are mostly of use to sites with multiple users, but there are some other bits in there you’ll want.

For 3.1 users, RC4 includes the security patches mentioned above and fixes some of the remaining bugs.

The final release can’t be far away now:

After nearly five months of development and testing, we think we’re very close to a final release. Users and developers, please test your themes and plugins.

Full details and download links are on the WordPress development blog:

WordPress › WordPress 3.0.5 (and 3.1 Release Candidate 4).

[1] Maybe I should set up an alarm
[2] Not that there’s anything wrong with staying with the main releases