We apologise for the brief loss of service

If, for some odd reason or other, you attempted to visit this site a little earlier, you might just have seen a blank page instead of the usual collection of pictures, mutterings and those exciting[1] weight reports. I would like to go on record and make it quite clear that this was all Twisty’s fault[2]. You see, she forced me to add an extra smiley to the already substantial collection available for your comments.

Now adding a smiley involves two things:

  1. Uploading the file to a particular location on the site
  2. Making a small edit to a configuration file

Well, uploading the file went as expected.

Editing the local copy of the file? No trouble at all! Uploading it? Just fine! Making sure it was the right version of the file with the settings for the server I moved to in September, and not the old one? Ah. :oops:

Yup, Twisty made me do it wrong.[3]

It was easy to fix, though. Now you can all settle down and watch the inevitable exchange of comments that will follow once Twisty reads this. You might find the new smiley useful for that: :popcorn:

[1] For the easily excitable among you
[2] Hi Twisty! :wave:
[3] Before anyone suggests that I am unfairly blaming Twisty for my mistake, I would like to point out that Twisty blames me for everything, up to and including the weather in her locality

4 thoughts on “We apologise for the brief loss of service

  1. Twisty

    :clap: This has TOTALLY made my day! :rofl: Nay, my entire MONTH! :rofl:

    There’s this thing in the universe called “karma”, see, and when you continue to FALSELY accuse others of things involving fecal matter…well, sometimes the oscillating air unit blows the shite the other direction. :lol:

    So, no matter how you slice this, it’s all your own fault. Time to man up, take responsibility, and issue me an apology – you’ve wreaked enough havoc around here as it is.[1] :cool:

    [1] Oh, and :popcorn: while waiting for Les’ response[2]
    [2] Containing the usual excuses, deflections and untruths

    1. Les Post author

      Karma, huh? I always thought that was a typo for a variety of curry, but apparently it’s how you attempt to justify your outrageous and unprovoked vendetta against me.[4][6]

      I’m a little unclear as to why you want me to apologise – I’m the one who suffered website breakage, and as to any accusations of havoc, I’m entitled to as much havoc as I want on my site, so there!

      [4] :drool: [5]
      [5] BTW, proper form is for footnotes in comments to follow on from those in the post.
      [6] Is that enough drama yet?

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