Skitch – Screen Captures for Mac

I’ve mentioned the nifty Skitch a few times before, most recently when it came out of beta last year. It’s still one of those things that I use regularly, and would miss if it wasn’t there, and I’m still happy to recommend it to any Mac user who’ll listen. Skitch adds editing, uploading and general sharing tools to the basic screen capture functions that are built into Mac OS X, and it’s well worth a try.

The app and the (quite nicely featured) basic service are still free, and that limited offer on the premium service is still on – $14.95 for a year, rising to $19.95 at some point.

I mention this today because they just gave me a nice little present – customers who paid for the Skitch Plus option before a couple of days ago have just been given an additional two years service for no extra charge. The email telling me this did ask if I’d mind spreading the word a bit, and as it happens, I’m more than happy to do that.[1]

Skitch – one of the best toys ever for screen captures.

[1] This is where the joke about more expensive products that I’d be happy to talk about would go if I could think of one