Weight and Stuff Report – 12 February 2011

Up by another one of those wee bits again today.

Had a fun[1] day at work[2] moving servers around, sorting out junk and all the other kinds of things that are a bit awkward to do in normal working hours[3]. We[5] have adopted a new and quite cunning plan for weekend jobs. Rather than stopping for lunch, we go for a good breakfast at Wetherspoon’s[7] first, then just work all day. And this does seem to work well for us. We got all the server moving done, and much of the sorting. Tomorrow we’ll be reconnecting everything, and making sure it all works before Monday…

Today’s picture is of a ceiling in Castell Coch. I posted a rather more saturated version of this some time ago, but on reflection, I think I prefer this one:

Castell Coch

Castell Coch

[1] Err, sort of. It was quiet[4] and peaceful, we got things done
[2] On a Saturday! :crazy:
[3] Apparently shutting down all the servers while people are working is regarded as a Bad Thing
[4] Especially when we powered down the switch. That thing is seriously loud
[5] Aaron[6] and me, that is
[6] Hi Aaron :wave:
[7] Note: Microsoft’s speelchucker suggested “Waterspouts” for that when I mentioned it in a work email. Fun.