Weight and Stuff Report – 13 February 2011

OK, that’s a bit odd. Unless the scale is having one of its occasional bouts of making up numbers to confuse me, I’m quite a bit lighter today. Probably just a temporary wossname of some sort which will change by tomorrow, but it is a new low for this year, so I’ll pretend that it’s real.  :lol:

And, as I mentioned yesterday, it was another day at work today (after that important breakfast[1], of course), which involved reconnecting everything[2], then starting it all up and making sure it was working[3]. And it all worked as expected, which was good. We then finished tidying up, and assembled a big pile of stuff that will be taken away by some recycling people in a few days.

Today’s picture is of a creature I found on my desk. Should I be alarmed?

New Paradigm

New Paradigm

[1] Good value, too. Lots of food for £4.10.
[2] That was mostly Aaron
[3] That was mostly me