Translation fun!

From time to time, I have a look at the statistics for this site. It’s not something I’m obsessive about, and I don’t really do anything much to promote it – I just post what comes to my fragile little[1] mind, and if people find it and maybe even like it, then that’s fine. If they don’t find it, or find it and don’t like it, then no harm is done and I’ll carry on regardless[2][3].

Anyway, I’m always interested to see what happens when people use translation tools to attempt to read my nonsense. I’ve used these to turn posts in languages I don’t understand into something at least vaguely approximating English, and these days they generally work pretty well – sometimes the sentence structures can be a bit odd, but you at least get a general sense of what the article is about.

Or do you???

I was wondering because I saw that someone had used Google Translate to transform one of my posts into German. Fine, I thought, until I noticed this at the bottom of the page:

Errr, who?

Errr, who?

Yes, in a slightly over-enthusiastic manner, it’s translated my actual name. Which is a bit odd, as “bessant” isn’t a word in general use in English[4]. Makes me wonder if it turns my Doctor Who reviews into medical articles, and my weight reports into discussions of fonts…

[1] Well, I prefer to think of it as a fragile big mind, but I don’t really mind either way
[2] And I won’t be :wah: even slightly  :wah: upset  :wah:
[3] One of the lesser known movies in the Carry On Series – I vaguely recall seeing it on TV once, many years ago
[4] The almighty OED lists it as an obsolete form of bezant, which was originally a gold Byzantine[5] coin, with the name later being applied to other coins in Europe, and with other meanings deriving from that, but it’s not a word you’re likely to come across…
[5] A word which might apply to some of the thought processes involved in this post….