Weight and Stuff Report – 15 February 2011

Oh dear, up again today[1], but never mind.

I managed to get a bit of exercise today – finally getting round to taking the recycling down to the bin after letting it pile up for a few weeks months. That took a few trips up and down the steep back stairs, pant, sweat, etc.

I also gave the bathroom floor and the silly scale a good clean, so it’ll probably come up with a whole new range of odd weights now.

Today’s picture is an odd sight from a while back. Some fiend has decapitated the smaller Autons in this window. Like that’s going to stop them!

A chilling warning

A chilling warning

But why only the smaller ones? Are they perceived as more dangerous, or is it (as I suspect) a warning to the larger ones and the Nestene Consciousness that controls them?[2]

[1] Subject to the usual disclaimers about the scale’s odd sense of humour
[2] In case you’re wondering, I’m really typing this at about 8am, and I’m totally sober. Really.