WordPress 3.1 has escaped!

Err, sorry, I mean it’s been released. It’s been a bit of a wait[1], but I think it’s been worth it.

New toys that I’ve been enjoying for a while in the release candidates:

  • The Admin Bar – nice thingy at the top of the page, lets you log in[2] if you’re not already there, gives logged in users the ability to go straight to creating a new post, and more. Likely to be expanded by plugin developers
  • Easy internal linking. I’ve been using a plugin for this, but now you can link to any previous post from the link box in the editor – recent posts are listed, and you can search for the rest. Nice.

Automatic update should do the trick, or you can download it if that doesn’t work on your server configuration. All the details are on the WordPress blog:

WordPress › WordPress 3.1, lots of fun.

[1] And there was a false alarm yesterday, when the release announcement appeared briefly before disappearing.
[2] Well, so far it loads the normal login page, but I could see an integrated login thingy being a future enhancement, or possibly the subject of a plugin