Nice Shiny Chrome

It’s getting on for a year since I last mentioned Google Chrome. At the time, it was mostly quite nice, but had a slight[1] crashing issue with the WordPress editor, which made it pretty much unusable as a browser for me.

Well, a while back[2], I decided to give it another try, after being slightly irritated with the performance of Firefox, and indeed the elephantine gestation period of its allegedly forthcoming version four. And you know what? It hasn’t annoyed me in the slightest. Extensions are now working nicely, which means that I can run with AdBlock[3]. The only other extensions I actually need is a URL shortener – and there are a good number to chose from, and a connection to the excellent Read It Later, which is managed with some bookmarklets rather than an actual extension.

So far, it hasn’t fallen over at all – I’ve even taken to using it as my default browser at work. I still have to use *spit* IE for some things that use ActiveX controls, or which otherwise don’t play nicely, but Chrome is now what I use for general browsing.

Synchonisation between my Macs[4] is done automagically – not just bookmarks, but installed extensions, settings, options, browsing history and probably other things that I haven’t noticed. This is entirely optional, and does rely on having a Google account. If your personal paranoia settings don’t allow for that, then you’re quite free not to bother. Personally, I find it useful.

It does suffer from version number inflation – somehow, it’s on version 9 already, but as it automatically updates itself[5], I no longer care about what the current version is called.

Basically, it now works well enough for me to be using it as my only browser at home, and my main browser at work, which is a Good Thing as far as I’m concerned. I do feel a certain level of regret at moving on from Firefox after quite a few years, but times change, and all that…

[1] That’s me doing my understatement thing again
[2] A few weeks at least
[3] The web is waaaay too annoying without it
[4] iMac and MacBook
[5] And if you leave your browser running for weeks at a time, as I often do, it nags you to restart so it can install the latest version