Daily Archives: Monday, 28th Feb 2011

February 2011 Round-up

What? February over already? Well, so it seems, so it must be time for the usual report.


Well, after last month’s quite impressive start, February was a month of quite large ups and downs, some of which made me treat my scale with extreme suspicion. So it’s probably not surprising to find that the overall result of the month was:

February 1: 225.6 pounds (16 stone 1.6 pounds, 102.3 kg)

February 28: 226 pounds (16 stone 2 pounds, 102.5 kg)

Difference: A slightly annoying rise of 0.4 pounds (0.2kg). Too small to be significant, but still not what I’m aiming for.


I’ve kept up the general good behaviour at lunchtime, though I did allow myself one visit to Greggs. That should cover that craving for another month or two.


Not so good. Out of nineteen working days this month, I walked in on precisely none of them, except one day when I walked as far as Gateshead. I did manage a couple of good lunchtime walks, but I’ll need to do a lot more than that.


Well, I had a bit of a quiet period, but I sort of caught up a bit yesterday, so the total for this month, including this report, is a moderate 51, which is less than last month, but still not too bad (about 1.8 per day, compared with January’s 1.9 if you’re that interested).


A combination of miserable weather and general lethargy led to a distinct lack of photography this month. My cameras are giving me pleading looks, so I’ll try to get out a bit more in March. Some better weather might help there…


Weight and Stuff Report – 28 February 2011

Down a wee bit today.

I had my first roll of film taken with the Olympus Trip process today. As I suspected, I need to either arrange for better light, or work more on picking the right aperture and focus zone. Or both, which would be better. Anyway, I’ve scanned in one of the less bad pictures, given it a bit of a boost in Lightroom, and here it is for your amusement:



No, it’s not a reference to the movie, but a monument of sorts to a bit of Newcastle’s industrial history. This site, by the city walls near Gallowgate, used to be a lead processing factory – they made lead powder for pigments, and lead shot, which was made by dropping molten lead down a shaft, which accounts for the word on the ground.