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March 2011 Round-up

So, that’s the first quarter of 2011 out of the way, and it’s time for the usual monthly thingy.


It’s been another month of ups and ups, with the occasional down thrown in to add to my confusion. Here are the numbers:

March 1: 227.2 pounds (16 stone 3.2 pounds, 103.1 kg)
March 31:  226.8 pounds (16 stone 2.8 pounds, 102.9 kg)

Difference: a not very exciting fall of 0.4 pounds (0.2kg), but at least it’s not a rise.


Ah yes. Last month, I admitted to a single visit to Greggs, and mentioned my deluded belief that I wouldn’t go back for a while. Ha! Ha, I say, ha! Yes, one visit led to several more. I’ve been cutting back again, but the temptation remains.


I did manage to walk to work once this month, and even had a longish lunchtime walk the same day, but otherwise it’s been a lazy month.


I’ve been a bit chattier this month, leading to a total of 64 for March, which is the most since last August’s quite excessive level.


I managed a couple of pretty good photo walks this month, which is better than last month, so it’s a step in the right direction. More motivational thinginess still needed.


Weight and Stuff Report – 31 March 2011

More random oddness, it seems. Down a moderately large bit today. It probably won’t last though…

Now either this is an image that’s been recovered from a semi-destroyed camera, showing a sinister alien invader, or I’ve been playing with Camera+ again.



Sinister Communication from the Forces of Darkness!

I may have mentioned once or twice that I’m not altogether keen on BT. I’m not alone in this, of course. For instance, I’ve noted that their Dark Tower[1] tends to follow me around when I’m in London..

But now I have fresh evidence of their evil tendencies. In an email from a bit of BT, they forgot to hide the secret language they use between themselves (somewhere between the language of Mordor and the kind of thing used to get in touch with Cthulhu, I think) and left it in plain sight:

Summoning dark forces...

Summoning dark forces...

Click to see it full size[2].

Apologies to anyone whose soul is blasted by reading that.

[1] They call it the BT Tower, I call it Barad Dur
[2] Again, wider layout thingy needed, etc

Doctor Who – New Series Trailer

It’s getting closer and closer…

Today, the BBC released a new trailer for the new series which starts on Saturday 23 April on BBC One and BBC One HD. It’s a big wide Flash thing, so I won’t try and embed it here[1]. Click the link below to see it:

Doctor Who Trailer

Seen it? Looks like some serious stuff to come. Wooo Whoooooooooooo!  :bouncy: :bow: :bouncy:

[1] I have a vague notion of a new look for the site which would deal with such wide things, but it’s very vague indeed.


Weight and Stuff Report – 29 March 2011

Not that I was in any way behind with my last few day’s posts, but I would like to make it clear that today’s post is really being made today.

And it’s another fall in the old weight, which either means my weight has dropped slightly, or that my sinister scale has moved on to a new phase in its campaign against me. Or something.

Today’s picture is a result of playing with the newest version of Camera+ on my iPhone. It’s got loads of effects to play with, and it’s currently available for just 59p or 99 cents in the US. And it’s a free upgrade if you already have it, of course. Worth a play.

Processed Tigger

Processed Tigger

And any suggestion that I might have forgotten to add the picture before clicking the Publish button will be denied in the usual way.[1]

[1] The usual way being generally described as “unconvincing”, I believe

Weight and Stuff Report – 28 March 2011

And back down again yesterday. Err, today. Yes, today. This post is really being written today and not at some point in the future.

My weight has oscillated back down again today. Scale still acting like it’s up to something…

And here’s one more picture from last week’s walk. This bar’s name has worried me for a while. If the waterline gets that high, it’ll be time to check for homeless Polar Bears on the Tyne…

Somewhat above water

Somewhat above water

Quite Literally Head Over Heels

You might recall that a couple of years ago, I posted a gloriously silly literal take on Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart. The idea is that someone takes a classic video and replaces the vocal with a sound-alike that describes what’s happening. With added subtitles to make it all quite clear. Has to be seen and heard to be disbelieved, really.

Anyway, here’s another one that’s being linked all over the internet, so I thought I’d join in. Tears for Fears in their classic Head over Heels, taken very literally:

Not sure why this has just come to everyone’s attention, as it seems to have been lurking in the depths of YouTube for about three years.

Weight and Stuff Report – 27 March 2011

No, still not catching up. Not at all. No catching up going on here.

Today’s weight is back up quite dramatically again, and I’m beginning to mutter threats at the scale, which I’m sure I heard giggling a bit earlier.

Enough about that, and on with the picture, which is another bit of art:

Fixing it

Fixing it

Weight and Stuff Report – 26 March 2011

Look, I’m not in catch-up mode, OK? It’s just a malicious rumour put about by my RSS feed.

Today’s weight is up a bit on yesterday’s, but more in the normal daily fluctuation range, so that’s not so bad. Sort of.

Here’s another bit of urban art: