And while I’m talking about deranged spammers…

I did a bit of reading earlier and it seems that the double translated spam I mentioned earlier is something sploggers[1] have been doing for a while, presumably in an attempt to not be caught by services which look for copies of people’s content being posted by such odd beings. This fails more than a little when they link back to the original site…

Anyway, while looking through my spam comments, I noticed a load of very similar ones. There are minor variations in wording, and they link back to a number of addresses, but they’re all offering something quite wonderful that nobody would want to be without[3]

Hi, i simply needed to come here to inform you about a very inexpensive service that posts comments similar to this on millions of WordPress blogs. Exactly why you may ask, well you may want to sell something and target webmasters or simply just improve the quantity of backlinks your website has which will increase your Google rankins which will then bring your web site more visitors and money. Take a quick take a look at this web site for much more information.

Yes, they’re trying (and failing) to post comments on my site telling me that they can successfully post lots of comments on sites. Now if I was the kind of person who’d want to post huge numbers of irrelevant comments on other people’s sites[4], I think I’d be more impressed by a service that wasn’t so bad at it…[5]

And are Google “rankins” related to Robert Rankin?

And then there are the people running sites that are little more than ad farms who keep trying to get me to link to their articles which have nothing whatsoever in common with what I post here.

[1] Spam bloggers. Strange automated creatures who presumably try to get their presumably ad-infested[2] sites in front of people’s eyes
[2] Wouldn’t know. AdBlock.
[3] Or not
[4] Which I’m not, which is just as well, as I’d have to cross the road to avoid me if I was, which could be tricky
[5] Akismet is doing a good job for me these days