Daily Archives: Friday, 1st Apr 2011

Fun with WordPress Stats

Not that long ago, I mentioned an unusual peak in visitors to this site. This turned out to be caused by Google sending me loads of people who had the same issue with WideMail that I did.

After that, things settled down to normal levels, so I was a bit surprised when I looked at my dashboard to see an unusually large bar for today. Was I being deluged with extra visitors? Or could those naughty Automattic people be having a laugh? Pointing my trackpad at the bar revealed all:




I’m not sure if the 42 is coincidentally the actual number of hits, or a refinement of the joke. Nice one, either way.

It’s that time of year again…

There are already plenty of people listing this year’s best (or worst) April Fools, but I thought I’d mention one that amused me, perpetrated by those Google people, who generally come up with something suitably silly.

Just for today, see what happens when you google “Helvetica”.

And for the benefit of anyone reading this on a later date, here’s the evidence:



Shocking, innit?