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Weight and Stuff Report – 5 April 2011

Down another couple of pounds today. Most odd…

Today’s picture is of some recent refreshment:

Bons Ventos

Bons Ventos

This is a very tasty Portuguese red wine, called Bons Ventos. I’ve bought it in Oddbins[1] on a number of occasions, and it’s always been a very good bottle for the money – normal price (when it’s in) is £6.49, and they have occasionally had it at a quite insane £4.99. Now I’d describe it as “excellent” for £6.49, and “are you mad? gimme lots of it” at £4.99. Lots of body, lots of taste.

[1] Currently having difficulties – I hope they pull through, as I rather like having a shop in town where I can find interesting wine sold by people who care about it.

WordPress 3.1.1 is out now

Well, it’s been about six weeks, so an interim update is just about due. This one squashes a few bugs, including some relating to running WordPress on IIS6[1], and a few security fixes.

You should be seeing the update notice in your dashboard, or at the very least on the Update page. Do it now[3], it won’t hurt a bit[4], and won’t take long[5]. All the details and a download link for those whose servers won’t work with automatic updates:

WordPress 3.1 announcement

[1] I speak as a certified[2], experienced, professional Windows Server administrator here: don’t to that unless you really have to
[2] Jokes on a postcard, please
[3] As always, backups are advised
[4] Subject to your server being nicely behaved
[5] Under 30 seconds for me, including pausing for a moment before clicking the “update now” thingy