Doctor Who – 2011 Series Details (SPOILER ALERT)

OK, there are a couple of new articles on the BBC Doctor Who site that you might want to read if you want to know what’s coming up, or might want to avoid if you want everything to be a surprise. In short, if you’re as spoiler-averse as River Song, don’t click any of the links in this post.

Steven Moffat talks about the tone of the new series, and suggests that some big bad things are going to happen. And that mid-series cliffhanger is going to be a serious one:

Steven Moffat: All Aboard the Ghost Train!

The Opening Adventure: The Revolution Begins

And in serious spoiler mode, Doctor Who Magazine has a huge hint on the cover of the new issue that’s out this week (well covers, strictly speaking, as there are four pictures available). Don’t click the link below if you don’t want to see it. And don’t go near the shops, either. And keep your fingers in your ears. And keep your eyes shut until Easter. That should do it.

Doctor Who Magazine spoiler cover

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    1. Les Post author

      Hey, I encouraged people to not look!

      However, I’ll let you off for calling me “young”, as that hardly ever[1] happens these days.

      [1] Never[2]
      [2] Except when you just did it

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