Weight and Stuff Report – 5 April 2011

Down another couple of pounds today. Most odd…

Today’s picture is of some recent refreshment:

Bons Ventos

Bons Ventos

This is a very tasty Portuguese red wine, called Bons Ventos. I’ve bought it in Oddbins[1] on a number of occasions, and it’s always been a very good bottle for the money – normal price (when it’s in) is £6.49, and they have occasionally had it at a quite insane £4.99. Now I’d describe it as “excellent” for £6.49, and “are you mad? gimme lots of it” at £4.99. Lots of body, lots of taste.

[1] Currently having difficulties – I hope they pull through, as I rather like having a shop in town where I can find interesting wine sold by people who care about it.