WordPress 3.1.1 is out now

Well, it’s been about six weeks, so an interim update is just about due. This one squashes a few bugs, including some relating to running WordPress on IIS6[1], and a few security fixes.

You should be seeing the update notice in your dashboard, or at the very least on the Update page. Do it now[3], it won’t hurt a bit[4], and won’t take long[5]. All the details and a download link for those whose servers won’t work with automatic updates:

WordPress 3.1 announcement

[1] I speak as a certified[2], experienced, professional Windows Server administrator here: don’t to that unless you really have to
[2] Jokes on a postcard, please
[3] As always, backups are advised
[4] Subject to your server being nicely behaved
[5] Under 30 seconds for me, including pausing for a moment before clicking the “update now” thingy