Fame of a sort…

I’ve been a subscriber to New Scientist for, err, lots of years now. With gaps enforced by shortness of actual money here and there, I’ve been reading it for somewhere around 30 years. And throughout that time, the best bit of the magazine has always been the fun bit at the back. It used to be called Daedalus, but has been known as Feedback for quite some time now, despite some mutterings about renaming it so people visiting the website wouldn’t confuse it with the letters page.

Anyway, Feedback includes many things, mostly supplied by readers, such as adverts for unlikely (if expensive) products and bizarre pseudo-scientific claims made by the differently sane. So when I got an email a while back that somehow slipped past my spam filters, which said, in part:

After two years working at a healing and health retreat in Thailand, I will be coming to London now, bringing lots of new, cutting-edge information to you about healing your health based on science, chemistry, energy, magnetism, vibration and other quantum healing methods.

I thought that it might be Feedback material, what with the “healing your health” and the inevitable “quantum”, which is often used in Fruitloopery as a nicely vague word, presumably because they’re targeting people who aren’t too familiar with physics. I submitted it in November, but as it didn’t appear in print, I assumed it wasn’t deemed weird enough and forgot about it.

But in the latest issue (cover date 16 April, on sale in the UK until Wednesday), there it was! Of course, it does suggest that I got the message “recently”, but we’ll allow that as journalistic licence. Or something.

However, there is a problem: they describe me as “Londoner Les Bessant”. Say what? Now there was a time, some years back, when my business trips to London were so frequent that I could almost have counted as a resident, but these days it’s down to once or twice a year. I suspect some extrapolation from context has been applied…

Here’s the link anyway:

New Scientist Feedback, 16 April 2011

You may need to create a log in (or use bugmenot or some such) to get in, or the site may even tell you that the page is for subscribers only.


One thought on “Fame of a sort…

  1. Twisty

    Are you going to take them up on the offer? Think of what you could accomplish with some extra chemistry, energy, and magnetism! :wink:

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