CrashPlan – Interim Report

I’m more or less half way through my free trial of CrashPlan, so it’s as good a time as any to report on how the mega backup is progressing. Thanks to the improved upload speed of my connection, it’s doing pretty well:



It’s best to ignore the estimate of time remaining, as it’s recalculated from moment to moment depending on available bandwidth, the way the wind’s blowing and the price of Jaffa Cakes[1]. But it has managed to upload 146GB in just over two weeks, without apparently breaking anything, which is pretty good going.

Unless something breaks in the next week or so, I’ll be waving some money at CrashPlan and signing up for a while.

[1] One of more of those factors may not actually be used, but they certainly wouldn’t reduce the accuracy of the estimate.[2]
[2] Still, it’s not as bad as the Windows file copy estimate I once had. That kept insisting that it would be finished in about twenty minutes. And about three hours later, it was right.