Weight and Stuff Report – 25 April 2011

Down just a wee bit today. Nothing to get excited about, though.

After yesterday’s site redesign, I spent a good chunk of today working on another project that’s been on my tuit list for ages. I’ll go into more detail later[1].

Today’s picture is a sample of what’s going on at Tyne Bridge Tower:

Tyne Bridge Tower

Tyne Bridge Tower

Makes a change being able to see what’s happening at the top of a demolition site – it’s usually either obscured by surrounding buildings or concealed by the sheeting. But in this case you can see people working up there, and even one of the machines.

I’ll be doing a gallery of demolition pictures at some point. Later. When I get round to it. You know the sort of thing.

[1] Pointless suspense to keep the hordes of readers interested  :wink: