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Last year, I gave myself the entertaining task of moving all the photographs on this site from Gallery2 to WordPress’s native image management. It was a lot of work, but it was worthwhile. What I didn’t change at the time was the smaller (but still significant) number of images I’d linked from my Flickr photostream. After all, Flickr isn’t (very) likely to go away, I thought.

But what did go away was the ability of the code created by the plugin I’d used at the time to, you know, actually display the pictures. I noticed this when I was checking things over after the recent redesign. I was moderately alarmed to see this kind of thing on a lot of posts:

What the Flickr?

What the Flickr?

Apparently, whatever the plugin is doing is convincing Flickr that I’m trying to link to a non-existent video.  This is probably down to a change in how you’re supposed to link to things. :rant:

I didn’t want to leave those posts in that state, so I had a choice. Fix up the Flickr links and hope that Flickr don’t change things again, or move the pictures into WordPress. The latter option would be more work, but would be more future proof, and would give me control over how big the inserted images are.

So yes, that’s what I’m doing. Identifying the affected posts required a bit of MySQL fun – I did a search for the plugin shortcode directly in the database, and exported the results to Excel. Now all I have to do is edit each post in turn, grab the photograph number from the shortcode, paste that into the address bar on a Flickr photo page to bring up the full-sized image, drag that to my desktop, then add it to the post in the usual WordPress way. And repeat, and repeat, and repeat…

Only another 150 posts to fix. Probably.

I’ve now updated all the borked posts. That was fun…

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    1. Les Post author

      Looks like the plugin is confused – it’s inserting odd Flash code with a reference to videos, despite having the option set to just insert pictures….

      Bye, bye plugin :wave:

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