Daily Archives: Saturday, 30th Apr 2011

April 2011 Round-up

So, that’s the first third of 2011 out of the way, and it’s time for the usual monthly thingy.


More of the usual ups and downs, with no change beyond my daily fluctuation range.

April 1: 227.8 pounds (16 stone 3.8 pounds, 103.3 kg)
April 30:  228.4 pounds (16 stone 4.4 pounds, 103.6 kg)

Difference: a more or less insignificant rise of 0.6 pounds (0.3 kg)


This has been a bit more variable. Not too many Greggs visits. I suppose.


Out of eighteen working days in April, I walked to work, err, not at all, with the same result for walking home. I did manage a couple of quite long lunchtime walks, though.


Another moderately chatty month, with a total of 64 posts.


More photography was done. Website redesigned. More things need to be done, though.

Weight and Stuff Report – 30 April 2011

Hmm. Down a bit today, but not by any significant amount. I did, shock horror, manage a wee bit of exercise today as I walked to Tesco’s this morning.

Today’s picture is one from a recent riverside walk, given a bit of mono tweakage in Lightroom.

High Level Bridge

High Level Bridge

Doctor Who – Day of the Moon

It’s OK, this is safely spoiler-free. It’s just my initial reaction to tonight’s second episode.

Wow. Excellent mixture of scares, laughs and with an extra-large Moffat-sized dose of what the photon just happened?

There was a nicely unexpected bit that looks likely to be a set-up for the Big Bad things likely to be happening in the build-up to the mid-series cliffhanger. Very nice indeed.

And there were several unanswered questions, which may or may not be cleared up later.

A more coherent post may follow when I’ve had a chance to watch both parts of the story again, and after a decent interval has passed to allow for anyone crazy enough not to be watching it as soon as it’s on.

Flattr – Social Micropayments

Ys, it’s anothr of those things which suffr from a shortag of th fifth lttr of th alphabt.

But seriously, Flattr is an interesting concept. It’s a way for people to give small financial awards to things they like on the internet. This isn’t for proper donations, where you might give someone £10 or so (other currencies are available), for a bit of software, or to support a site you like. This is for smaller amounts. The idea is that you decide how much money you want to hand over each month, and add that to an account at Flattr. Then, so long as you’re logged in, when you see the Flattr button on a page, you can click it to make a donation. The trick is that at the end of each month, your total amount of money is split between all the sites you’ve Flattred. Or is that Flattrd? What is this thing about leaving out the letter e, anyway? Sorry, I’m digressing again. So if you decide that you want to donate a total of €5[1] each month, and you click the Flattr button on ten sites, then the owner of each site would get €0.5 from you.

I’d seen the button on a few sites, and I’ll be clicking it from now on.

Which leads me to the other side of the equation – unless I’ve broken it, or stopped using it at some point between the time I’m writing this and the time you happen to read it, you should see a little Flattr button on my posts. Who knows – by the end of the year I might have made enough for a sausage roll…

[1] All payments are done in Euros. This is a European-based service. So there.