Durham – 2 May 2011

As I mentioned in today’s weight report, I went to Durham today. I made a moderately early start, catching a bus into Newcastle at about 10:15. I took a walk down Grainger Street to reach the station, taking a few pictures on the way, which is why I missed the 10:44 train by about, oooh, less than a minute, though I missed it by a wee bit more than the couple of guys who were running along the platform as it pulled out, one of whom actually pressed the actual door open button[1], which oddly enough didn’t work. A quick check of the timetable showed that the next train to Durham left in about half an hour, so I had a sit down for a while.

Once I got to Durham, I walked down the steps from the station, which made my knee complain a bit, but it’s quicker than walking around the long way, so I told my knee to shut up and put up with it. Silly knee.

I headed down to the riverside, where I took some pictures as I walked towards Prebends Bridge. I was using my Sigma 70-300mm lens for most of this part of my visit, partly because it’s been feeling neglected lately, and partly so I could see if its performance would be poor enough to justify getting a better telephoto lens. Not that it’s a bad lens as such, it’s just not as good as I might like some of the time. Anyway, I got some pictures of ducks, the cathedral, the old fulling mill, where the Durham University Archaeology Museum lives, then walked up towards the Prebends Bridge, which has some quite fancy scaffolding all over it, as a full structural survey is being carried out prior to various works being done.

Once on the other side of the river, I took route I’d never taken before, and found myself on the side of the cathedral I don’t normally see. Got some pictures there, then went in to the cloisters, where I got some more pictures before visiting the Treasures of St Cuthbert exhibition – which I recommend to anyone visiting Durham, and an audio visual presentation that was a good historical introduction. I then had a look inside the cathedral, where I didn’t get any pictures, because it’s not allowed. :sad:

Then it was time to wander back into the town, which was full of people. Seriously. Loads and loads of people, making it quite hard to get through the streets. Had a bit of lunch in Caffè Nero, another bit of a wander, then went back to the station and came home.

It was a good day out, and I’m sure you’ll be shocked to realise that I’ve already picked out some pictures and given them a quick blast in Lightroom. More pictures, and better versions of some of these may appear later. Depending on this and that. But mainly that. Anyway, here they are:

[1] Yes, that’s actually a double actual. To emphasise the actual point, actually