Sherlock – DVD

I mentioned the excellent Sherlock a few times when it was first shown last year. If you missed that, or have been asleep, or just not paying attention, here’s a quick recap.

Steven Moffat, having decided that running Doctor Who wasn’t enough of a challenge, and Mark Gatiss, who despite being in everything, apparently had some spare time, got together to develop what, in lesser hands, would have been a Really Bad Idea. An update of Sherlock Holmes to the age of the internet, mobile phones and generally modern stuff. However, as it wasn’t in lesser hands, the three episodes shown turned out to be pretty damn good, and it came as no surprise that the BBC asked for more, which means we should be seeing more of the excellent Benedict Cumberbatch[1] and Martin Freeman later this year.

Which leads me to the DVD of the series – I didn’t get it when it first came out, as:

  1. I’d only just seen the episodes
  2. It was full price

But once Amazon reduced it to £6.99, I decided it was time for a refresher. I’m pleased to say that I enjoyed watching them again, but it’s the extras that make this a bit interesting. Apart from some commentaries which I may get round to eventually, and a short making of documentary, there’s the original pilot version of the first story, A Study in Pink. It was made as a 60 minute drama, but when the BBC management saw it, they decided that what they wanted was three 90 minute shows, and so the creators had to re-do the first film – they didn’t just add some extra bits, they went back and redid it properly, changing some scenes, generally improving it in the process. The pilot is worth watching, if only to see how the series might have worked with shorter episodes.

[1] Still one of the Best. Names. Ever.