Weight and Stuff Report – 3 May 2011

Down a bit today. All that walking around Durham yesterday must have had an effect on me. Or something.

Did a little bit of shopping this morning, then went into Newcastle to see the Alexander Millar exhibition at the Great North Museum:Hancock – his paintings are quite distinctive, witty and I want some. Worth a look if you can get there in the next few days, otherwise check out his website.

Today’s picture is a messed about with version of one from yesterday’s Durham trip. This is the Sanctuary knocker on the main door of Durham Cathedral[1]. I used Live View on the 5D Mk II to get the camera pointing straight at the scary face. This was then fiddled with[2] in Lightroom to get this effect:

Sanctuary Knocker

Sanctuary Knocker

[1] Well, technically, it’s a replica. The original is in the museum display
[2] Technical expression

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