A quick upgrade

It’s been about nine months since I moved my sites to Linode, and I haven’t regretted the move once. At the time, I opted for the lowest level of Linode – 512MB RAM, 16GB disk space, 200GB data transfer per month. I’ve been quite happy with the performance – so much so that I haven’t found it necessary to use a caching plugin to keep this site working reasonably well, but the disk space was beginning to look like an issue. From time to time I like to use a test site, and to make the test work really well, I like to make a copy of Losing it[1]. Now that wouldn’t be a problem ordinarily, but with all the pictures on this site, making a copy was leaving me with very little free disk space, which is generally a Bad Thing.

There were a few options open to me – I could buy some extra disk space for an additional monthly charge, I could get an additional Linode for my tests, or I could simply upgrade to a bigger Linode. Overall, the last option seemed to be the best bet, and Linode make it insanely easy to do this. You simply select your new Linode size, confirm that you agree to the new charges, then wait a few minutes while your old Linode is shut down and your SSH keys and file system are copied across. You can then extend the file system to use the additional space and start up your new, whizzier server.

So, this site is now running on a third level Linode – 1GB of RAM, 32GB disk, and a bigger share of the host’s CPU. Now it might just have been the first reboot in about four months, but I think the extra RAM and CPU might be more to do with it, but my perception is that the site seems a wee bit faster.

No extra charge :wave: