Weight and Stuff Report – 7 May 2011

Good, good. Down a wee bit more today. All quite random of course, but never mind.

Today’s picture is a slightly[1] blurry iPhone effort taken in Tesco’s today. I needed to buy some handwash, and after looking along the shelf a bit, I found my usual brand. I was interested to note that they’re now offering environmentally friendly[2] refill packs. The idea being that you can reuse the pump mechanism, which probably costs very little to make, but possibly has a large carbon footprint. Now you’d think if you were buying a bottle without the pump thingy, it would be at least a wee bit cheaper than the normal bottle price, wouldn’t you? I wouldn’t expect a huge difference – maybe 10p or 20p. But no. The price difference is a not very friendly at all minus 30p. Yes, you have to pay more to not have the pump. Which I’m sure will encourage lots of people to be more environmentally aware.



Definitely worth the odd mutter or two…

[1] OK, very
[2] Not very