TiVo – Short term report

OK, I’ve had the beast for a few weeks now, so it’s time for a quick report. So far, it’s doing pretty well. It’s recorded what I’ve told it to, let me watch what I want when I want to, and has generally been well behaved, apart from one brief lock up a couple of days ago, when I had to reboot it.

The “suggestions” feature is definitely interesting – it’s recorded some things that I like, but already have on DVD so don’t need to watch again, some things that don’t actually interest me, and a few that I hadn’t seen before but have enjoyed watching. I’ve been making a point of pressing the “Thumbs” button, so it should be getting better soon…

One feature that’s really useful is the ability to set recordings from the TV Guide on the Virgin Media website. This is great if you’re away from home and realise you’ve forgotten to record something, or you just find out about a show that you really want to see, but you won’t get home in time to see. You can search for programmes, then set a one-off or series recording with a click. Apparently you need to give it at least 35 minutes notice to allow for the message to get through to your TiVo. I’ve used this a couple of times, and it works nicely.

It’s still playing nicely with my Logitech remote control, too. I’m generally impressed.

2 thoughts on “TiVo – Short term report

    1. Les Post author

      Well, give me another month or two, and I might be able to give a definitive answer. Though during the current unpleasantness, the clever bits don’t work. It still records and plays, though.

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