More Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections

Oh good, there’s another series of this. I mentioned the first series when it appeared on the BBC a while ago, and I’m happy to see the Hamster back for more of the same.

I’m watching the first one of this run now – it’s based around the Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai, but it’s still pretty much the same as before – Richard talks about the engineering issues involved in creating the structure, then has fun with demonstrations that generally involve breaking things, blowing things up and generally having a bit of fun. This is a Good Thing, of course, and Richard is actually very good at this sort of thing. It’s showing on BBC Two on Sundays, and the BBC HD Channel at various times. It was apparently shown on the National Geographic Channel recently, but I didn’t manage to notice it[1] at the time. Good fun, interesting and mildly informative, and recommended.

[1] In future, the TiVo should prevent me accidentally missing things like this

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