WordPress 3.2, Beta 1

It doesn’t seem that long since WordPress 3.1 appeared, but progress continues anyway.

The next major release has now reached its first Beta, which means that it’s ready for general users to have a play with – please note that it is definitely not suggested that you upgrade your live sites at this point, unless you are confident that your backups are up to date and valid, and that you can actually use them to restore your site.

The emphasis this time has been on improving performance, mostly in the admin interface, which also benefits from a new look. There’s a shiny new version of the full-screen editor, which makes all the surrounding stuff disappear while you type, should you want it to. And there’s a new default theme for you to love, hate or ignore.

I’ll be playing on a test site, and depending on how that goes, I may do the early upgrade thing on Losing it[1] and Tiggercam.

Full details and download links from the WordPress Blog:

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