Doctor Who – The Doctor’s Wife

Oooooookay. Now that was at least as strange as I was expecting, and thanks to my strict policy of avoiding the hell out of spoilers[1], it managed to totally surprise me.

Getting Neil Gaiman on board to write an episode was a great move. Neil is known for his ever so slightly warped imagination, and he’s also an actual Doctor Who fan. He and Steven Moffat had a bit of a chat, which resulted in this episode…

And you know what, I’m not going to spoiler it. Err, spoil it. Err, I’m not going to reveal the key point of the plot, or the reason why the title isn’t a cheat at all. Perhaps not quite what you might anticipate, but it makes perfect sense.

The story also answers one of the Big Questions I’ve always had about an element of the series. And explains a great deal of what’s happened since 1963.[2]

What I am prepared to reveal is that it seems that Time Lords can indeed regenerate as either male or female, or at least that one Time Lord the Doctor knew had done so.

We get to see some serious running around in the TARDIS corridors. The Cloister Bell is heard, which is generally a Bad Thing, and indeed is this time.

And of course, there are some great lines:

Rory: …he’s a Time Lord

Amy: It’s just what they’re called – it doesn’t mean he knows what he’s doing

And watch out for Gandalf Rory.

And apparently this is going to be important:

The only water in the forest is the river

River? Or River? Hmmmmmmmmm…

[1] Mr Steven Moffat Sir tweeted earlier that apparently some naff paper or other managed to describe the whole plot while claiming not to understand it, which suggests a level of stupidity that seems excessive even for the popular press…
[2] Really. It all makes much more sense now

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