My book has arrived!

I mentioned recently that I’d created a photobook. Well, it arrived today, and I’m very happy with the results. The binding is excellent, the print quality is everything I could have hoped for, and the overall look and feel of the thing is not really distinguishable from something you might find in a bookshop. Well, apart from the fact that it contains nothing but my pictures, that is. You’re not likely to find those in your local Waterstones[1] any time soon. But Tigger seems impressed, anyway:

Tigger investigates the book

Tigger investigates the book

If anyone really, really wants to spend far too much money, you’re quite welcome to buy your own copy from Blurb. You can preview the book, and click through to order on my dedicated Photobook page.

I don’t actually expect anyone to do that, by the way – but I will be making some smaller and cheaper books, which people might want to consider. Details on those when I decide how to arrange them. Some sort of theme per book, possibly…

[1] Note: other booksellers are available.

4 thoughts on “My book has arrived!

    1. Les Post author

      200 pages makes it expensive. The disorganisation is down to it being more or less strictly chronological rather than themed or anything sensible like that. If I’d had to think about it more, I’d probably never have found the tuits….

      Cheaper versions may follow (depending on tuits, etc)

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