ColorWash – Easy Selective Colour

Now this could be useful, or at the very least, fun. Selective colour is a popular technique where you take a colour image and turn all of it except for a particular object into black and white. There are various ways of doing it, which mostly involve making careful selections in Photoshop[1], fiddling with this, tweaking that, and generally messing around. People who do it a lot can no doubt get the look they’re after very quickly. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on that kind of thing, you might like ColorWash – currently on offer in the Mac App Store at just 59p. All you do is open an image, which the app converts to monochrome. You can then use a brush tool to paint the colour back in where you want it, or the fill tool, which seems to do a reasonable job of detecting edges and filling in a whole object. Here’s one I did as a quick test:



Better results could be gained with a bit of work, but if you just want to mess about a bit, this is ideal. And at the price, it’s well worth a try.

[1] Or your choice of image editing software

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