Ebooks seem to be winning

Interesting. Amazon sales of ebooks are now bigger than hardback and paperback sales combined. I saw a report which I’m too lazy to find now that suggested than in less than a year, UK Kindle sales are doing extremely well, too.

I’m not really surprised. I’m sure that the people who are buying Kindles are the people who do the most reading, and who buy the most books from Amazon anyway. And once you’ve got into the habit of reading on the Kindle, deadtree books soon begin to feel bulky and awkward. Not to mention that they make it outrageously simple to buy books and instantly download them to the Kindle.

While I’m sure better devices (future Kindle models, and other things) will come along, my experience after about eight months of Kindle use is that the current devices meet the “good enough” requirement. The price is reasonable enough, though I suspect future versions will be cheaper – a UK price below £100 would be nice to see.

Over the last month or so, I’ve been re-reading some of my Isaac Asimov books[1], and after those, I found it a relief to revert to reading on my Kindle. The text is so beautifully clear, it remembers my place and it’s smaller and lighter than all but the thinnest of paperbacks. Not to mention carrying loads more reading material…

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[1] After reading that nice edition of the Foundation Trilogy, I had to read the later Foundation books, and the Robot novels that tied into them