Doctor Who – The Rebel Flesh

Ooooh, now that was an interesting opener to a two-parter, which I’ll refrain from commenting on in any detail until after the second part.

But I do have a few random thoughts about it, which aren’t plot-revealing, so here goes.

Once again, we have evidence of the TARDIS not taking the Doctor where he means to go, but where he needs to go. If you’ve seen The Doctor’s Wife, you’ll understand why that’s been happening all these years.

And why does the Doctor have a snow globe with him? We’re used to him having all manner of strange objects in his pocket, but this one seems more random than usual…

And is anyone going to be who they seem?

And who is that odd woman with the eyepatch who keeps appearing when Amy’s looking for something else? Is she watching what’s going on from somewhere, or somewhen else, or from some other dimensional wossname?

Some of this may be revealed next week, or in the mid-series cliffhanging thingy the week after. Other bits will no doubt keep us guessing all summer…