Primeval – Series 5 Begins!

It doesn’t seem that long since the last bit of Primeval ended, so it’s good to see that the next bit starts on Watch next Tuesday at 8pm. Watch is available on Sky and Virgin, but it seems not on Freeview, so if you don’t have pay TV, you’re going to have to wait until later in the year when it’ll be shown on ITV.

I’ve got the TiVo set, and I’ll be doing my usual posts on each episode. I think we can expect to find out more about what Phillip is up to[1], what Matt’s up to[2], what Abby thinks about Connor playing with Phillip and probably some other, more confusing stuff. Oh, and some cool monsters. Got to have cool monsters.  :bouncy:

[1] Hint: nothing even remotely good, I suspect
[2] Hint: well-intentioned, but probably confused or misguided, like the time travellers in Day of the Daleks[4] who nearly created the future[5] they were trying to prevent
[4] DVD due soon
[5] Or present. You know how confusing time travel gets