List Drafts Widget – A minor update

I’ve just uploaded an update to my mind-bogglingly trivial WordPress Widget, List Drafts Widget. The shiny new version 2.1 fixes a problem that I didn’t anticipate when I threw it together, or indeed when I updated it a bit last year. The problem is that the fancy new menus that WordPress now allows users to create save their items as special post types, and it seems that under some circumstances, a menu item can have a status of “Draft”, which would lead to the List Drafts Widget claiming that you had an untitled draft post, when in fact you had no such thing.

I’ve updated it a bit so that it now only displays drafts with the post type of “post”, which should avoid any oddness with menus, and indeed any future post types that might appear.

If you have custom post types, then you may need to change the code to suit your purposes. I’m working on the assumption that anyone who has custom post types is probably much better at writing code than I am, and either doesn’t need my very simple plugin or can slap it about until it does what they need it to. The latest version is now in the repository, and anyone who has it installed should be automagically offered the upgrade as soon as WordPress has a look.